Invest in Generational Generosity for Nonprofit Excellence and Legacy Building- Interview with Dr. Dan Young, Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff, Episode 120

Invest in Generational Generosity for Nonprofit Excellence and Legacy Building [Episode 120]

“We have to come up with more creative ways to engage people's time, talent, treasure, and telephone in a way that fits into their daily lifestyle so they're not shaken too much out of what they're doing on a daily basis. And, make sure that we are effectively and efficiently using those resources to help the constituents that we got into the business to help.”

Tackling Important Issues with Excellence

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my good friend and brilliant colleague, Dr. Dan Young. He has years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and nonprofit leadership. He drops so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode! I know you’ll find it inspiring.

Dr. Dan and I chat about:

  • Integrating giving into our everyday life and setting an example for others.
  • Creating an attitude of giving that transitions from generation to generation.
  • The disconnect between technology and human connection, and how we can bridge the gap.
  • How to tap into the human spirit to ignite passion for important causes and needs.
  • The importance of thinking bigger long term.

Solving Nonprofit Problems with Proper Support

As Dr. Dan says, “It’s about leadership. It’s about entrepreneurial principles. It’s about networking, it’s about technology. Let’s take a look at what we’re doing in all these areas. And just because we got a 25% increase in funding or donations, that’s not the point. The point is, the problem is still here. So let’s focus on that. And if we do that, everything else gets a little bit more efficient and more effective.”

When it comes to nonprofit leaders, he emphasizes, “That type of person should have the most comprehensive leadership training in the world. Because it’s unbelievably difficult. And the stakes are unbelievably high. So that’s a part of the work that we do, is to put those people in the best possible position for the world’s most important job.”

Challenge Question:

How will you start to adopt 4-generation thinking rather than 4-quarter thinking?

Meet Dr. Dan Young

Dr. Dan Young is the Founding Director of the Wharton-AltFinance Institute at the Wharton School and is the curator of TEDxWilmington, which is in the top 1% of all TEDx franchises in the country with over 550 speakers and 42 million views on YouTube.

As an “educationpreneur”, he is also responsible for creating the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program at Goldey-Beacom College. the first online DBA class for Wilmington University, the first study abroad program for the Horn Program of Entrepreneurship and the first international internship program for study abroad at the University of Delaware.

Dan received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Marketing from the University of Delaware’s Honors Program and his Ph.D. in Marketing from Temple University. He has done entrepreneurship and executive leadership programs with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oxford.

He has been an instructor at GBC, Temple University, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, the University of Delaware, Neumann University and Wilmington University.

Dan has served on the Boards of over a dozen nonprofit organizations and currently serves as the President of Theatre N at Nemours, President of the Board of Safe Haven Healing, Membership Chairman of the Board of Governors for the University and Whist Club, and an advisory Board Member for the Fresh Start program.

He was in the 2011 class of Leadership Delaware and served as the first Vice-President of the Leadership Delaware Alumni Association.

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