How to set up a successful grant writer consulting business - interview with Holly Rustick - Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff, Episode 101

How to Build a Winning Grant Writing Business [Episode 101]

"Finding out your own way and your own way of doing it can be really empowering…Don’t think there’s too many [grant writing consultants] out there. There IS space for you."

Two Grant Writing Pros Talk Shop

Today I’m excited to host my podcasting friend and grant writing coach Holly Rustick. Holly brings a wealth of experience from her longtime career in grant writing and consulting.

Holly and I talk about common mistakes we’ve seen over the years, struggles we’ve experienced, and several ways nonprofits can position themselves more competitively for grant funding. 

Tips for Building Your Successful Grant Writing Business

In addition, we both understand the challenge of pricing your services and setting up your consulting business. We talk about:

  • How to think through pricing your services as a grant writing consultant
  • Factoring in expenses and profit margin
  • Taking your experience into account
  • Building confidence in your pricing
  • Setting boundaries, saying yes, and saying no

Holly also has some great encouragement for new grant writers who are wondering if there’s room at the table for you. Short answer: YES! Yes, there is plenty of room. She urges collaboration with others while finding your own unique approach. 

Challenge Question:

What surprised you about this conversation? How will you incorporate our tips into your grant writing? I’d love to hear it! Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message. And if you need more support, join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer already and let’s get you moving!

If you enjoyed this episode, you can book a 1:1 strategy session with me at teresahuff.com/mentor. The world needs you out there making a difference!

Meet Holly Rustick

World-renowned grant writing expert and Amazon bestselling author Holly Rustick loves to coach others to enhance their grant writing and business skills. She coaches thousands of people every week through her top-ranking podcast, Grant Writing & Funding, books on grant writing, and via the Hub Haven on how to take actionable bite-sized steps in grant writing and entrepreneurship.

While teaching in Kuwait and then earning a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy in Belgium, Holly saw the light of setting up a virtual-based business in grant writing back in the mid-2000s. Having secured millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations around the world throughout the past 16+ years, Holly has a mission to train other grant writers to create a multiplier effect in raising an exponential amount of money for nonprofits all over the world.

As an unapologetic feminist, Holly believes her work – whether it is securing funding to advance the mission of nonprofits, coaching a female entrepreneur to understand value-based pricing, or writing a rom-com novel that stars the heroine as a renegade – inspires women to radiate in their full potential. 

To amplify this work, she is past-president of the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce and currently sits on the Guam Business Advisory Task Force as an advisor to the first female governor of Guam. Holly lives on the island of Guam with her beautiful daughter, Isabella. 

If you are interested in advancing your grant writing skills or transitioning into freelance grant writing, be sure to check out Holly’s articles, books, and podcasts at www.grantwritingandfunding.com.


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Resources Mentioned:

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