How multiple types of fundraising will help your nonprofit - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 103

How Multiple Types of Fundraising Will Help Your Nonprofit [Episode 103]

"One of the big pieces of becoming grant ready is making sure you have several sources of funding in place. Living from grant to grant isn't a sustainable funding strategy."
Teresa Huff
Grant Writing Simplified Podcast

Big Announcement for Q4!

In the last episode, I hinted that I’ve got some awesome things coming up this fall in Q4. 2022 is far from over, and I’m committing to some big steps this year! 

I’m heading to Wilmington, Delaware, to give a TEDx talk in October! AND you’re invited to join me live! Grab your tickets here and send me a message that you’re coming. I’d love to have some friends in the seats.

How a Nonprofit Can Become Grant Ready

I often talk about the importance of grant readiness and how nonprofits need to have specific things in place before they apply for grants. You can learn more about this way back in Episode 6 where I walk you through some foundational pieces. This is so important that I created a free Grant Readiness Audit for you at teresahuff.com/grantready.

One of the big pieces of becoming grant ready is making sure you have several sources of funding in place. You can’t live from grant to grant – that’s not a sustainable funding strategy.

In Episode 34 I talked through a TON of different fundraising ideas – over 60! – to help trigger some creative thinking. Now this list is not intended to overwhelm you and your team! The last thing you want to do is go out and try to tackle all of them at once! Pick one, master it, reevaluate, and go from there.

Advice from the Experts Questions

Because grants can’t be the only answer to nonprofit funding, I’ve rounded up some experts to help you. 

In the next episode I’ll be chatting with Katherine Kreuchauf about how nonprofits in the early stages of development can adopt a lean mindset to iterate and shift quickly.

Another avenue of fundraising is through major gifts. I’ll be talking with major gifts expert Kevin Fitzpatrick on what this means and some super practical, NON-initmidating ways to develop a major gifts strategy.

After that, I’ve invited a longtime nonprofit pro, Linda Lysakowski, to share tips on corporate fundraising. And let me tell you, her conversation is PACKED with so much goodness. 

You’ll want to bring your pen and notebook over the next few episodes!

I wanted to pop in today to give you a heads up about what’s coming up the next few weeks. This would be a great time to go back and listen to the other episodes I mentioned, Episode 6 and 34, so you can come into the next couple of conversations with a bit of background. It’s also a great time to be thinking through your upcoming fundraising strategy as we head into Q4 and start planning for next year.

Challenge Question:

What big steps are you commiting to so you can end 2022 strong? 

If you need help, book a 1:1 strategy session with me at teresahuff.com/mentor. The world needs you out there making a difference!

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