Grant Writing for International Nonprofits + Building a Case for Support: Interview with Grant Writer Kathy Hoeck, KLH Grant Services - Teresa Huff, Grant Writing Simplified Podcast

Grant Writing for International Nonprofits + Building a Case for Support [Episode 015]

Today I’m interviewing my friend and fellow grant writer Kathy Hoeck who has written grants for over a decade. I invited Kathy on the show because she has done grant writing for international nonprofits, but as you’ll see, we also get into a LOT of great strategy and tips as we talk shop today.

Grab a pen and notebook because there are so many good takeaways in today’s episode!

Kathy owns KLH Grant Services and is a consultant with National Christian Foundation Heartland. She works with faith-based nonprofit foundation research and grant writing. You can read her full (and impressive) bio below. As you listen, I think you’ll  appreciate her drive and ambition, as well as her heart to serve communities locally and around the world.

Resources Mentioned:

Book: Seeing Through a Donor’s Eyes: How to Make a Persuasive Case for Everything from Your Annual Drive to Your Planned Giving Program to Your Capital Campaign

Book: Operation World

Episode 6: Grant Readiness: How to Build the Foundation for Successful Grant Writing

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About Kathy Hoeck, KLH Grant Services:

Kathy launched KLH Grant Services, LLC in 2015 and serves as a consultant with National Christian Foundation Heartland assisting in areas of faith-based nonprofit foundation research and grant writing.

Kathy’s first experience in grant writing began in 2009 while working with a faith-based health care clinic where her passion for research and writing assisted the clinic in the development of a successful grant-seeking plan. Along with foundation research and proposal writing, Kathy works with clients defining their mission and finalizing their Case Statement leveraging her clients for a successful grants program.

Kathy is the past secretary and a current member of the Southwest Missouri Grant Writers Association and a member of the American Grant Writers Association.

KLH focuses on Christian nonprofit ministries assisting in the development of award-winning proposals that address the educational, medical, spiritual, and financial disparities plaguing local communities and communities around the world.

Kathy is passionate about her family, adoption, bringing hope to the hurting, being outside, and the written word. She and her husband are proud parents of four grown children and grandparents to seven amazing little people.

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