7 Reasons Working Collaboratively Helps Your Team Get More Done, Interview with Dr. Vince Lindenmeyer, Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff, Episode 139

7 Reasons Working Collaboratively Helps Your Team Get More Done [Episode 139]

"The power of strategic partnerships through collaboration is something we have to figure out as a community of nonprofits. We have to come up with innovative solutions. It's bringing the old together to make new. It's innovating as the environment changes."

The Link Between Competition and a Scarcity Mindset

Competition is at the heart of every grant application, and a scarcity mindset can come from a position of competition. Many nonprofits work on a very limited budget, so the struggle with a scarcity mindset is common. After all, you wouldn’t be applying for grants if you already had the money, right?

Nonprofits applying for the same grant are likely providing parallel services to a similar demographic, so the unfortunate reality is that organizations fighting for the same cause are competing with one another for funds and therefore, feeding the sector-wide scarcity mindset.

In today’s podcast, retired Army Colonel Dr. Vincent Lindenmeyer helps us think creatively to work collaboratively with otherwise competing organizations so both teams can overcome the scarcity mindset and get more done.

What Collaboration and Grant Funding Look Like Together

During his 26 years in the US Army, Vince specialized in engineering, logistics management, and strategic studies, so he knows what creative collaboration looks like. He now applies his knowledge and experience to the nonprofit sector. As principal of Beacon 4sight Group, Vince helps women, veterans, minorities, persons with disabilities, and the formerly incarcerated start nonprofits and businesses to create economic growth for equality and justice.

Many of Vince’s clients begin with little more than a dream, but he helps them get their nonprofit started in 90 days. He knows the power of creative collaboration to overcome scarcity. Like-minded organizations need to share resources, time, and talent to create in-kind partnerships based on trading complimentary skills and backgrounds.

7 Empowering Benefits of Working Collaboratively

Wonderful things can happen when organizations work together:

  1. Extra personnel
  2. Everyone gets more done when you have more hands on deck working toward the same goals.
  3. Share tips and tricks
    Share knowledge to solve problems and work more efficiently.
  4. Stronger bottom line
    Struggling nonprofits become stronger by giving and receiving resources and expertise.
  5. Larger network
    Collaboration breeds collaboration, so when you partner with an organization, you will also get to work with their connections.
  6. Stay in your lane
    Collaboration means sharing complementary skills to boost each other’s weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths.
  7. Increased visibility and community awareness
    When you get more done together, both organizations get a piece of the spotlight to bring awareness to both your cause and your brand.
  8. Celebrate your wins together
    Collaboration means having more to celebrate and more people to celebrate with!

If we truly want to make things better and improve our mission, then we have to cooperate. It’s not about us. It’s not about the scarcity. It’s so much more.

We have to work together. We have to ask ourselves how we can give back to the community and improve each other’s mission, whether or not it comes back directly to us.

Challenge Question:

Where do you see a scarcity in your nonprofit? Can you identify another organization with whom to collaborate to turn the scarcity into abundance?

Meet Dr. Vince Lindenmeyer

(from https://beacon4today.com/resources/)

Dr. Vince Lindenmeyer, Colonel, US Army (Retired), is a Principal of the Beacon 4sight Group that helps women, veterans, minorities, persons with disabilities, and the formerly incarcerated start nonprofits and businesses to create economic growth for equality and justice. Colonel Lindenmeyer served a 26-year career with overseas tours to Korea, Egypt, Qatar, and Iraq, earning the Bronze Star Medal. As an educator, Dr. Lindenmeyer has taught face-to-face and distance learning over the past 20-years. He earned a BS in Systems Engineering (West Point, United States Military Academy), master’s degrees (three) in Logistics Management, M.Ed., an MA in Strategic Studies, and a Ph.D. in Education.

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