Know the Common Grant Writing Myths to Make a Bigger Difference - Interview with Katie Appold - Grant Writing Simplified Teresa Huff, Episode 108

Know the Common Grant Writing Myths to Make a Bigger Difference [Episode 108]

“Organizations that get grant funding have some of the most organized fundraising assets of any nonprofits out there…. [There’s] value in getting your ducks in a row and being prepared for the next opportunity or for the next donor conversation.”

The Variety of Nonprofit Fundraising

Lately we’ve been covering some awesome fundraising and leadership topics – major gifts, corporate sponsors, lean startups, and more. Even though the last few episodes aren’t directly about grant writing, they’ll sure help you with grants in the long run!

A well-rounded approach to your nonprofit’s fundraising plan is a big key to success. Grants are only one piece of the pie; it’s important to have other pieces in place too.

In this episode I’m talking with the executive director of Nonprofit Hub, Katie Appold. We discuss making sure we are prepared for meetings with donors, myths that surround the nonprofit world, and the importance of sharing your financial information publicly.

How To Juggle All the Moving Parts

Managing a nonprofit takes a lot of work. One important thing to get a handle on quickly is time blocking.

For example, this is valuable when you have a meeting with a donor. Allow yourself to prepare before meetings as a way to set yourself up for success. Do your research and know as much as you can about the donor before you meet up with them. To do this, you need to prioritize not overbooking yourself.

Set apart time to intentionally prepare for your meeting. Spreading yourself too thin will lead to no one receiving your best and will not get you the results that you need.

Myths About Grant Writing

Myth Fact
Thinking that there’s a start up grant for everyone. Start ups are the exceptions, not the rule. Don’t expect this.
A grant is all about the form/document. Grants are about relationships. Potential donors need to be able to trust in you and the mission

The form should only be the basic facts.

You do need the facts and to follow the rules as you propose a grant, but know your funder and how they would like you to craft your project. Put in effort, be creative, make it appealing to the eye. It’s other human beings reviewing your grant, so make a connection and show your personality.

Share the Financials

Many nonprofits don’t accurately inform their donors and funders about what it really takes financially to get all of the work done. Those of us who run nonprofits often believe that our donors don’t want to fund overhead expenses like the technology, salaries, bills, etc., but that is just an assumption. We need to get comfortable with telling our donors and funders what it really takes to make these things possible so that they can understand the need and vitality of these foundational pillars of a nonprofit.

Challenge Question:

In what way can you make your administrative, fundraising, and overhead costs available to your donors?

Meet Katie Appold:

Katie Appold is executive director of Nonprofit Hub, the nonprofit behind the nationally recognized programs Cause Network and Cause Camp. She has spent over twenty years in the nonprofit sector serving in leadership roles at foundations, publishers, and community-based causes. Katie is also the host of the Good to Growth Podcast, a member of several nonprofit professional organizations, and an active volunteer.

Connect with Katie:


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