Gain Credibility and Increase Your Discoverability - Interview with Michael Thatcher- Grant Writing Simplified Teresa Huff, Episode 115

How Nonprofits Can Gain Credibility and Increase Discoverability [Episode 115]

“Follow your heart, use your head, and make a difference.”

We each have a unique combination of things that light us up. From art to spreadsheets, tinkering with engines to gardening, or dangerous hobbies like baking too many cookies (guilty over here!), we all have our things we enjoy.

Those things we’re passionate about typically spread across a wide range of interests. Along with that, we also have a lot of things we wish we could change in the world. This combination of many passions and wanting to make an impact within these areas is what led Michael Thatcher to where he is today as CEO of Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator is a nonprofit that serves other nonprofits. Their system helps donors identify nonprofits that have a mission that they want to support, as well as provides an opportunity to give to a wide range of causes when they don’t want to pick just one. It also helps nonprofits gain credibility and discoverability, making it an incredible resource for both donors and nonprofits.

In this episode Michael and I talk about how Charity Navigator is a tool that amplifies impactful giving as well as other benefits of establishing a nonprofit presence on their platform.

Impactful Giving Through Charity Navigator

All nonprofits have a mission to make something better, and funds are a vital part of taking steps in the right direction. So how can we make impactful giving easier for everyone? Through the use of Charity Navigator.

Oftentimes people use overhead, information about where money is being spent, as a way to determine a nonprofit’s impact, but this doesn’t provide the whole picture. Charity Navigator takes the nonprofit’s data, looks at what the money is achieving, and shows its true influence.

Nonprofits are encouraged to get their data out there, not only on their own website, but also on others. This allows your mission to be discoverable by more like minded people who may be looking for a charity just like yours to donate to.

Thanks to Charity Navigator’s positive reputation, ease of use, and up to date information, nonprofits can keep putting their best foot forward

Benefits of Establishing with Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator relaunched a new website in 2022 with added features and improvements. They’re working hard to continuously iterate and provide better, more accurate data to drive impactful giving. This offers many benefits to both nonprofits and donors:

  • Third party credibility
  • They’ll run algorithms on your data and give you feedback
  • Branding Kit
  • It increases your discoverability by being on another platform
  • It’s 100% free

Challenge Question:

How can you collect clear, accurate data to show the impact you’re making?

Meet Michael Thatcher:

Michael leads Charity Navigator in its efforts to make impactful philanthropy easier for all by increasing the breadth and depth of evaluation methodologies to facilitate ratings coverage of substantially larger numbers of charities, and expand how the information engages new and existing audiences.

Prior to joining Charity Navigator, Michael spent more than fifteen years with Microsoft, the last ten of which, as their Public Sector Chief Technology Officer responsible for technology policy initiatives and engagements with government and academic leaders in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Michael’s eclectic background includes years at sea conducting oceanographic research with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, composing music and dancing internationally as the co-founder and co-director of Dance Music Light. He has held various board positions within the nonprofit and tech sectors, holds several patents in enterprise systems management, and has a degree in Music from Columbia University in New York. His guiding mantra: Follow your heart – Use your head – Make a difference.

Connect with Michael Thatcher:

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